Curl Cord – the most featured interconnection

Curl cord, is also known as curly cordcoiled cordspiral cable, or curly cable, due to its unique spiral curl structure. A quality curl cord is so much helpful in saving room in the compact application space. With the unique designed curl cord, the connection distance is extended, and is able to execute the movement more freely without occupying too much space.

What is the feature of a good quality Curl cord?

A quality curl cord is considered as long flex life and excellent resilience performance. Besides, high purity of copper wire conductor is another necessary factor. Higher copper conductor purity makes the curl cord with perfect electrical conductivity, wonderful processing performance, good corrosion resistance, etc.

Who is able to make and guarantee such good quality Curl cord?

To recognize a good curl cord maker is important. Dongguan Curl Cord Production Factory is a good manufacturer of curl cord. It is professional factory of varieties of custom cables and wires. On one hand, all cables and wires produced by it use extremely high purity of copper strands as conductors. As the report shown, its copper purity is tested and verified as high as up to 99.997%. On the other hand, Dongguan Curl Cord Production Factory extrudes the cable and proceeds the curl coiling all by its own staff. Zero outsourcing contamination. Quality is under full control.

What is the technical support of Curl cord?

The factory is able to tailor make the curl cord as per customer’s individual requirement, including conductor gauge, wire size, curl dimensions, surface effect, material options, etc. Drop us an email or message revealing what you desire, our engineer team will present you the perfect artwork.